Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Homework for 15 February 2017


1) Annotate Harrison Bergeron and The Fun They Had (Due 14/2)
2) Harrison Bergeron Writing Journal (Due 16/2)
3) Queen's Commonwealth Essay Draft( Due 31/3)


1) Print out Past Exam Papers and complete them (Due 27/2)
2)Do the math questions in the algebra notes(Due 16/2)


1) Check Google Sheets for Overdue Homework (Due 16/2)

Research on your book, newpaper and online article worksheet (Due21/2)


1) Complete S1-06 Class Survey (Due 14/2)
2) Do Being a Resilient Person Worksheet (Due 20/2)
3) Do Self-Reflection Worksheet (Due 20/2)
4)Goal setting for those who have not hand up(Due15/2)


1) Finish Poster Design on Keynote (Due 17/2 1400)

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