Wednesday, March 22, 2017

22 March Homework


1) Upload the Red Sky In The Morning Video into folder
2) Finish your level test essay corrections (Due 23/3)
3) Annotate all story handouts including Red Sky In The Morning *to Chapter 3 (Due 23/3)
4) Queen's Commonwealth Essay First Draft (Due 31/3)


1) Finish Algebraic Fractions Worksheet (Due 23/3)
2) Math File and Corrections


1) Complete questions on Google Classroom (Due 24/3)


1) Complete Topic 1 Homework 2 (Due 28/3)


1) 做完 model essay (Due 23/3)


1) Complete questions if you have not done so (Due ASAP)
2) Upload videos if you have not done so (Due ASAP)
3) House leader to upload NAPFA slides onto google classroom (Due 27/3)


1) Complete 3 sketches of your desk tidy based on your theme (Due 24/3)

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