Friday, March 10, 2017

Homework for 10 March 2017


1) Complete Science Fiction Short Story Worksheet (Due 10/3)
2) Complete Self-Editing and Peer-Editing worksheet (Due 10/3)
3) Put 1) and 2) in a transparent plastic folder (Due 10/3)
4) Red Sky In The Morning Video (Due 21/3)
5) My Father's Hands Reading Comprehension (Due 21/3)
6) Queen's Commonwealth Essay First Draft (Due 31/3)

1)Join Google classroom (those who have not joined yet)
2)Do unit conversion on notes(1.5 unit conversion pg6)
3)Do Hw 1 physical quantities and units (Due 20/3)
4)Do Hw 2 physical quantities and units (Due 24/3)


1) Complete Revision Test A2 Workbook Pg 43-44(Due 21/3)


2) 决定你要在 Mother Tongue Fortnight 做哪一个活动
3) 中一快捷华文


1) Complete all 4 questions on google classroom (Due 10/3)

Please remember that the Excos will not be updating the homework blog during the March Holidays


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  1. Some things the ExCo missed out

    English - remember to annotate all given stories

    Chinese - put down your group names for the Chinese AA -

    ADMT - complete page 2-7 of design journal & share with Mrs Ong - and click "can edit" (online copy)

    If any ExCo members see this please update the homework post as you have to click on the comments section to see the comments!


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