Saturday, March 11, 2017

REPOST for March holiday homework



  1. Film Red Sky In The Morning with your partner [Due 21/3] 
  2. Annotate all story handouts [Due 21/3]
  3. Comprehension for "My father's hands"[Due 21/3]
  4. Commonwealth Essay [Due 31/3]
  1. Submit Homework 1 (Physical Quantities And Units)[Due 20/3]
  2. Submit Homework 2 (Physical Quantities And Units)[Due 24/3]
  3. Complete chapter 1.5 (Unit Conversions)[Due 20/3]
  1. Complete Workbook revision practice A2 [Due 20/3]
  2. Do your Maths filing [Mr Peh will check anytime]
  1. 理解问答(二)
  2. Google classroom :朋友恶行(这个星期的《逗号》头条)(topics:新闻课题)
  3. Google classroom:《张先生的电子化生活》课文放大镜(topics:课文讨论)
  4. 整理文件夹,完成改正
  5. AA1分组,请在13/3/2017 下午5点前填写你们的组别。5点后,我就会自行分配。(topics:AA1)
  1. Complete all questions in Google Classroom (For those who have yet to complete)[Due ASAP]
ADMT: All the assessments for ADMT will be checked by Mrs Ong during class time in Term 2
  1. Make a copy of the design journal - LINK
  2. Rename it and fill in your details in slide 1
  3. Share it with Mrs Ong and click "can edit" -
  4. Do your product research - slide 2 to 7
  5. Refer to teacher's copy - LINK
~Hi all, sorry for the repost of homework we apologise for the inconvenience and thanks to those who have taken initiative to inform us, please be punctual when handing up the homework when school reopens and have a great March Holidays ahead of you😊~

Quote of the day:
"Stop being afraid of what could go wrong.Think of what could go right"

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